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At Nosara Retreat, we aim to encourage the natural growth of the jungle, a rare climatic zone known as tropical dry forest, by adding fruit trees and flowers whenever possible without altering the wild character of the land. Our property is a habitat for passing howler monkeys, parrots, hummingbirds and numerous other bird species, butterflies, pizotes, iguanas, squirrels, mapaches, armadillos, toads, geckos and crickets. We border a protected forest area and are just minutes from a large nature preserve.

As an ecologically minded hotel, we use biodegradable cleaning products and are in the process of implementing a gray water system for irrigation. We compost food and garden waste to create rich organic fertilizer for the plants and fruit trees which include mango, lemon, star fruit, papaya, and guanabana. In our nursery, we grow seedlings of local plants, flowers, and fruit trees to plant around the property. This year we had a plentiful harvest of cilantro, cherry tomatoes, purple string beans, and squash. We are experimenting with organic seed varieties to see which types grow best here. We hope to increasingly harvest organic food for our own consumption and that of our guests.

Over the past few years we have participated in Sustainable Nosara, a team of like-minded individuals from the community wanting to make Nosara a model for sustainable tourism by promoting a variety of related initiatives. 




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