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Deborah Brackman, Owner and General Manager

Deborah oversees the overall running of the facility. She enjoys interviewing the fascinating stream of guests passing through for the blog. In her free time, Deborah loves to paint, write, dance, practice yoga, and watch sunset on the beach with Petuka, her adorable dog. Deborah is certified by the Nosara Yoga Institute and by The Barbara Brennan School of Healing as a hands on spiritual healer. Her Yoga classes and healing sessions are available upon request.

An active team member of “Sustainable Nosara,” Deborah values participating in the positive evolution of the community. Having traveled for many years, she has a passion for caretaking this beautiful piece of jungle she now calls home, and is always happy to share her knowledge and experience about this place with guests.


Michael Strasmich, Creative Director

Michael is an artist, visionary and businessman.  He helps with marketing, oversees construction, and has a special affinity for nature and working the land. He’s involved in creating a “vivero,” plant nursery, and works with Marvin on cultivating the edible garden on the property. He enjoys using his machete to clear paths and is responsible for the evolving landscape, design and planting of the grounds.  You can find him body surfing on the waves of Playa Pelada during high tide.


Agustin Jimenez, Maintenance Manager

Agustin our handyman and gardener is a skilled local carpenter who has worked with us for years. He grew up in on his family’s farm in the hills outside of Nosara. Before joining us, his brother, Terenzio, was our gardener for eleven years.

Agustin and his wife Paula have three beautiful children who sometimes come to help him work. He plays guitar and is active in the local Catholic Church and is always ready with a laugh, joke or story.


Eladio Espinosa Espinosa, Handyman

Eladio was born in Punta Islita but has lived in various parts of Costa Rica doing all varieties of work. He has a gift with his hands and does beautiful artisan work. Eladio has a very intelligent daughter of whom he is tremendously proud. He is easy going ¨tranquillo¨ and enjoys listening to music while he works. Eladio helps us as a handyman and in construction. He and Agustin work very well together. Both fine craftsmen, they joke and enjoy each other’s company. In his personal time Eladio creates for us specialty handmade items like decorative lamp shades made from a local gourd called hiccaro.

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Marvin Cordero Arias, Gardener

Marvin grew up at a finca in the hills above Nosara. He and Agustin were neighbors and have known each other for many years. Marvin grew up in a large family where nature provided almost everything that was needed to survive abundantly. Marvin learned self sufficiency on his farm and since has grown in his wisdom from learning the lessons of plants and nature. Marvin works in the garden with vast knowledge and caring for plants, creating organic fertilizer and helping us grow an increasing variety of vegetables, trees, and flowers. His knowledge is encyclopedic. The stories from his life are remarkable.


Sonia Villegas Jimenez, Housekeeper

Sonia was raised in Guapalis but has lived in Nosara with her husband and delightful daughter Fiorella. Sonia and her husband are active in helping people with their health issues. Sonia is a master seamstress who makes custom curtains, bed sheets, and upholstery for our property. She is a meticulous cleaner and always knows the best potions for any task. In her spare time she teachings sewing classes to local women.


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