Writing Costa Rica 2019

Retreat with Clive Mason

Join us for an inspiring, relaxing retreat in Costa Rican paradise. Our group will be small and you will receive individual guidance on your writing. This workshop is perfect for all writers, whether this is your first foray into the wilds of creative writing or if your are a seasoned writer ready to expand and deepen your craft. The instructor, Clive Matson, draws on many years’ experience helping writers merge words with the power of their creative unconscious.

There will also be ample time to enjoy: swinging in a hammock, siestas, reading, taking in the spectacular sunset, and practice the fine art of doing nothing. The comfortable lodgings invite you to completely unwind, watch the monkeys and listen to the birds.

January 19 – 26, 2019



river safariMost workshop days include two independent free-writing sessions, morning and afternoon. The group convenes each evening to share the day’s work following the syngenetic format where members will receive general suggestions for increasing the power of their writing.
One full day and two afternoons during the week are set aside for field trips to neighboring attractions, including a cruise up the Nosara River, visits to the jungle Biological Preserve and to the SIBU Monkey Sanctuary. Nosara holds no shortage of other spectacular places.
On the last full day in camp workshop members discuss their progress during the week, and make plans for continuing their writing, a long way away, back in civilization.


Clive Matson (MFA Columbia University) has published poetry since 1964. Mostly he writes from the itch in his body. Impulse and strong feeling, a signature of hip writers of the 1960s, drew him to New York City. Herbert Huncke became his guide, and Diane di Prima published his first book, Mainline to the Heart (1966), scheduled for re-release in 2009.

He has taught more than 2,000 workshops nationwide, and his how-to book Let the Crazy Child Write! (New World Library, 1998), honoring the creative unconscious, is being used by a number of groups around the world.

His seventh book, Squish Boots, was placed, amazingly, in the coffin of his mentor, John Wieners.


To register and for information on the workshop, contact Clive Matson: