Sacred Healing Ceremony

Sacred healing ceremony with Taita Juan Guillermo Chindoy

At the time of his birth in Putumayo, an amazonian jungle between Panama and Ecuador, the shamans of his inga indigenous community recognized Juan Guillermo as a curandero (healer) and leader. 
Born into a linage of traditional healer, he was trained from an early age in plant medicine and given a great responsibility of helping the people to heal. Working with individuals, Juan Guillermo looks into each persons and is given on where they need healing, physically, psychologically or spiritually. 
He is an extremely compassionate being. Working with him, is life changing.
Participating in both ceremonies is recommended to maximize your experience. 
He will be accompanied by a dear friend an accomplished musician, Juan David Munos. 

*The event will be hosted for two nights (Jan 13-14 / 20-21) guests can choose to attend one or two.