If you’re looking for a homey, natural place steps away from a beautiful beach, NOSARA B&B RETREAT may be the place for you and we welcome you with open arms.


The roughly 40-minute drive from the gas station in Samara to Nosara B&B Retreat is mostly on a dirt road except for the occasional sections that have been asphalted. Depending on the condition of the roads that are under sporadic maintenance, the ride can be extremely bumpy, a deal breaker for some travelers not comfortable with these rustic conditions. Roads within Nosara are mostly unpaved and can also be in poor condition. There are no street signs and finding your way around can at times be challenging.


Costa Rica is home to an astonishing 4% of the world’s biodiversity. Tucked away in this dry tropical forest region, Nosara B&B Retreat is situated amidst abundant species of wildlife, including monkeys, lizards, parrots, humming birds and numerous insects.

Nosara B&B Retreat uses a minimum of herbicides and insecticides in our effort to preserve the natural environment as best we can. We do not participate in inhumane killing practices either. We are currently experimenting with using a biodegradable natural mosquito spray around the property.

The breezy, open air screened windows of our intimate casitas and rooms may bring some of our friendly neighbors with them. You may encounter small, colorful geckos and other various reptiles and insects during your stay.

Air Conditioning

We know that some of our Northern and European friends and increasingly, Latin Americans, are extremely accustomed to regular air conditioning. To conserve energy and for a truly Costa Rican experience, we have chosen not to install air conditioning. The fresh ocean breeze is our air conditioning and the vast ocean just moments away, is our swimming pool. If you like the simplicity of nature in its purity, this may be your place.