Explore and Revive Yoga Retreat

Nadine Channaoui and Sarah Kearns

Take a week for your self to retreat into the Costa Rican jungle within walking distance of the Pacific Ocean. Each day of this retreat will include two yoga classes, guided meditation, and delicious meals. There will also be free time for rest, reflection, and exploration. For one afternoon, the retreat group will visit a local school as a way to connect with native community members. Come as you are – all levels of yoga practice are welcome.

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“Nadine Channaoui”

Though the landscape of my home has shifted over the years, I have come to find that my sturdiest and sincerest home is that which is held within my own body. It is this ever-present place of peace and equanimity that motivates my yogic journey. I believe that exposure to different postures, terrains, and events, in conjunction with compassionate observation provides invaluable opportunity for self-reflection and growth toward our truest nature. In this process of growth, we increase our ability to act with clarity, honesty, compassion, and authenticity.

In the classes I offer, you can expect to be guided with intelligent flow, attention to alignment, and the invitation to explore your experiences with curiosity and compassion.

“Sarah Kearns”

My passion is helping people through yoga.  During my first yoga class, I knew after the first hour on my mat, that this would be my home for the rest of my life.  I came to my mat, to heal many physical and mental injuries from a lifetime of gymnastics and ballet.  This was the first time I experienced myself in my body, with my breath surrounded by healing, non-competitive energy.  As I closed the door to a life of competition, striving for perfection, and the need to please others through not taking care of myself, a new door of health, wellness, and spirit opened up.  I have a special passion for prenatal yoga, as I have also recently started practicing as a birth doula; but I also teach all yoga classes with a strong focus on alignment and grounding.  I have trained and practiced with many different teachers who come from all different backgrounds