Ancestral Plant Medicine Ceremony
with John Freddy

November 9 & 10, 2018


Dear Friend,
We pray you are well and expanding daily in self love. 
As you may have noticed there is a growing demand for healing. As our world is waking up more and more people are hearing the call of the plant medicine. This is a beautiful thing which is happening. It also means there is a greater demand on Taita Juanito’s time. We are working on ways to increase the opportunities to sit with Taita Juanito and his lineage. This coming November, one of Taita’s oldest disciple’s and the only disciple authorized by Taita to wear a crown, will be hosting a weekend of ceremony at the beachside. 
You are invited to join traditional medicine healer Jhon Freddy and his musicians on November 9 & 10. If you have been feeling the call to sit with the medicine this is a beautiful chance to receive from a guide who works directly under the authority of Taita Juanito. Jhon Freddy is of Amazonian indigenous decent, a trained healer, and dedicated medicine man. He has been studying and serving with Taita Juanito for over 13 years. 
He will offer traditional ancestral plant medicine ceremonies. These are the exact same format as the ceremonies you may have already experienced with us. We look forward to seeing you there!
To reserve your space or for more information please contact
The ceremonies will be taking place on November 9&10 at the Nosara B&B. The inscription fee is $140 per night. There will be a total of two nights offered. You can register for one or both evenings. Space is limited to a total of 40 participants per night. 
If you have any questions you can also reply to this email. 
May God bless you
In Love and Service,
Your Finca Ambiwasi Family