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Our Story

Formerly a private home, the Nosara B & B Retreat opened our doors as a cozy bed & breakfast in 2004. In 2007, a covered, open-air pavilion was built to accommodate larger groups for retreats, gatherings, and ceremonies. Four years later, "Retreat" was officially added to our name so that those seeking spirituality, personal development, exploration, and sustainability, could find us.  As the premier bed & breakfast in Nosara, Costa Rica, our intention is to be a gathering place for a wide array of events and retreats supported by a like minded community. Our authentic jungle resort is now the premier destination in Nosara for group retreats and gatherings.


At the Nosara B & B Retreat, we seek to explore more sustainable living and to build community connections. In offering this unique space, our bed & breakfast hopes to assist guests looking to awaken their own gifts and callings. This empowers each of us to discover our individual roles in healing ourselves, one another, and restoring the earth. We are truly a “green” property, growing many of our own fruits and vegetables, preserving the natural beauty of the fauna and flora, and actively participating in the Nosara recycling program.

Our Approach

At Nosara B & B Retreat, our approach is pure and simple, just like the life here. Our charming bed & breakfast and quaint accommodations provide a safe surrounding to unwind and renew. The natural environment of Nosara, and the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, is rich in wildlife and nature, which fosters relaxation by connecting us with the vital elements of the natural world. Our friendly, bi-lingual staff at the Nosara B & B Retreat can help guide our guests towards the top offerings of nature, relaxation, wellness, and adventure, that Nosara, and Costa Rica, can offer. Our beautiful jungle retreat, in the heart of Nosara, provides a unique place to nurture your practices of a simpler life, and to follow the calling of your heart. 

Ecological Aspects

At Nosara B & B Retreat, we encourage the natural growth of the jungle, by adding native fruit trees, flowers, and vines, wherever possible, without altering the wild character of the land. As a "green", ecologically minded hotel, we use biodegradable cleaning products, and a gray water system for irrigation. We compost food and garden waste to create rich and organic compost for our plants, which include mango, papaya, lemon, star-fruit, and Guanabana. We are also actively engaged in the recycling program in Nosara, that repurposes glass, plastic, and tin. By burning our scrap cardboard and paper, and mixing them with other natural waste products, we create rich, organic fertilizer for the gardens. 


The nursery at the Nosara B & B Retreat produces seedlings of local plants, flowers, and fruit trees, to distribute about the property. In addition to the aforementioned fruit plants, our "green" hotel also offers cilantro, cherry tomatoes, string beans, and squash. And we are experimenting with many organic seed varieties to add even more variety. Our bed & breakfast is increasingly providing more food from our gardens, directly to our guests. 


Our Nosara hotel is a thriving habitat for passing howler monkeys, parrots, hummingbirds, butterflies, pizotes, iguanas, armadillos, squirrels, mapaches, toads, geckos, and more. Our beautiful grounds at the Nosara B & B Retreat border a protected forest area, and a large nature preserve is just a few minutes away. When you stay at our authentic jungle resort, you will witness firsthand the real Costa Rica.