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There’s much to do in Nosara, from swimming, surfing and hiking, to biking, birding and boating. The nature here is beautiful; the sun, the air, the sea, the stars, the sky, the flora and fauna. And so are the people. After experiencing all of this, and the welcoming energy of Nosara, you might be inspired to do more. You might feel moved to give something back.

Follow your impulse. Your efforts will be rewarding both to you and those to whom you offer time and support. While staying with us, there are many opportunities to truly give back to the community by participating in ”sustainable tourism projects.”


If your time is limited and you have only a few hours to offer, the first two options listed may be the most manageable, as the others require more time and an ongoing commitment.

Choose a tree or flowers at the local nursery and plant them at Serapia Lopez school, beautifying and reforesting the campus. You will be met by staff and shown around the school.

Students and faculty alike appreciate your efforts.

The David Kitson Memorial Library provides books and periodicals as well as helpful learning aids for citizens of all ages. The library participates in community activities, particularly those supporting better health and security to the community and sponsors Saturday morning programs for children. Please stop by and find out how you can help. (A month long commitment is required to volunteer here)

Escuelita de Nosara
The mission is to provide a quality education for the children of Nosara based on creativity, respect for themselves and others, and ecological consciousness. A summer camp is held each January by a group of dedicated foreigners living here for local kids, offering art, photography, computer, whatever skills one wishes to share to an enthusiastic group (last year the attendance reached 150 students, ages 5 to 12!) Your skills, time, and financial resources are welcome. (Escuelita takes place during the month of January. It is now run by the Surfing Nosara Foundation which manages numerous other community projects in Nosara.)

The Monkey Project
Construction development and its impact on the environment have caused a 50% decline of the Howler monkey population in recent years. Power lines and transformers kill and injure many. The Monkey Project, an effort by Refugio de Animales de Nosara aims to prevent animal electrocution through insulation and underground laying of power lines. They have committed to insulate approximately 20 kilometers of electrical wire and 198 transformers in Playas Guiones and Pelada, Nosara.

The Refugio Animales de Nosara and SIBU Sanctuary share a common mission: to rescue injured, orphaned, and displaced wild animals and provide them immediate medical care, rehabilitation, and eventual release into the wild. Animals unlikely to survive in the wild receive attentive, long-term care. Educators and advocates work cooperatively with other organizations to encourage respect for animals’ lives and preservation of their habitat.
www.nosarawildlife.com  (You can visit either the Refugio or Sibu for a fee of $50 and be shown around thus contributing to their operating expenses. Volunteering requires a longer term committment and training.)

Please see our Turtle Watching page under activities. You can volunteer at the Ostional Wild Life Refuge. Volunteering requires a longer term committment and training.

If you have a particular skill or project you’d like to share, please contact us to connect you with appropriate people in the local community. Any gift of time, vision, or resources is greatly needed and appreciated here.



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