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A short walk from the Main House, you arrive at the Tree House, nestled between the treetops. Rest in comfortable rattan furniture while looking out from the large extended porch at lush trees, tropical flowers, and intertwining vines. The top floor, accessed by a spiral staircase, is the massage and meditation area. 

Room 4: Mango Room

This room has one double and one single bed. Surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, the room provides plenty of natural air ventilation and is nestled within the treetops. The Mango Room shares an outdoor kitchen with the Papaya Room.

Room 5: Papaya Room

This room is a mirror image of the Mango Room with a double and single bed and several floor-to-ceiling windows. The room provides plenty of natural air ventilation. The Papaya Room shares an outdoor kitchen with the Mango Room.

Room 6: Star Fruit Room

The Star Fruit room is located on the first floor of the Tree House. This room has a private entrance, double bed, terrace and private outdoor kitchen. This room is the closest to the beach path, a short 5 minute walk from your front door.

Room 7: Lemon Room

The Lemon Room has a private entrance, a double and single bed, floor to ceiling windows and a private front and back terrace. Here you can relax on the couch or lounge in the hammock as you look out onto our beautiful gardens.


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