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Costa Rica is a small country in Central America, located between Nicaragua and Panama.  It is one of the most visited international destinations.  Democratic and peaceful, Costa Rica is one of few countries in the world that does not allocate government funding to a military presence.  Although the country covers only 0.03 percent of the world’s surface, it is home to an incredible five percent of the existing biodiversity on Earth, making it an oasis for those interested in observing and studying rare species of plants, birds, animals, and insects.  Costa Rica is dedicated to the preservation of the environment through sustainability, an eco-tourist’s dream! Additionally, the country prides itself on various education programs and world-class health care.  

Ranked #1 in Happy Planet Index

In both 2009 and 2012, Costa Rica was ranked #1 out of all countries surveyed on the Happy Planet Index.  Costa Rica’s HPI score reflects a long life expectancy, high reported levels of personal health and well-being, and a moderate ecological footprint. Learn more at Happy Planet Index.

Area Info about Nosara

Nosara is a remote and tranquil beach community located in the central area of the Nicoya Peninsula, in the province of Guanacaste. It is a one-of-a-kind place, with rare animals, birds and fresh ocean air.  Mailing addresses don’t exist here.  There are no paved roads, streetlights or street names. Pura Vida, the pure life, embodies the beauty of existing in each moment.  Seize the opportunity to embrace this relaxed, blissful and inspired life.  

The beaches of Nosara are part of one of Costa Rica’s protected wildlife preserves, devoid of large hotels and dedicated to the preservation of turtle nesting, making it an ideal place for a nature lover’s or surfer’s vacation. You can walk for miles on breathtaking, unspoiled beaches that provide abundant opportunities for exploration, adventure or tranquility and relaxation. In the green season, Nosara is home to abundant rivers, waterfalls and wildlife.

Increasingly a Mecca for yoga and individuals seeking a healthy lifestyle, Nosara offers many elements of the Blue Zone of Nicoya, to which it belongs, a region of the world where people engage in practices that result in higher-than-normal longevity. These include clean air, abundant nature, enjoying life, consumption of pure healthy foods, active lifestyle, a strong network of community relationships, a vital spiritual connection and a passionate involvement in work and/or family.  Click here to learn more about Blue Zones.

Nosara also conceals one of the oldest expatriate communities of Costa Rica, and travelers are treated to their choice of fine restaurants and lodging, along with spa and health services. The residents of Nosara are committed to preserving the natural environment, evidenced by a moratorium on hunting animals and timber logging that stretches back for over 20 years.

The Nosara Civic Association was established to protect the interests of the community as well as the environment.  As a result, Nosara enjoys the cleanest water table in Costa Rica and clean ocean water with no dumping of gray or black water into the streams or beaches.  Sustainable Nosara, a team of residents who work in conjunction with Associacion de Desarollo de Nosara, The Nosara Development Association, focus on establishing Nosara as a model for sustainable tourism.  Learn more about their efforts here.

We welcome you to come explore and embrace the beauty of Costa Rica’s magnificent natural world.



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